Since our products come from different parts of Asia, the dimensions of the product may differ slightly so it is important to read carefully the description of the measurements for each product.

Bust : Measure the chest where the bust is biggest and while wearing a bra.

Measurement under the bust : Measure under the bust is needed when buying a bra. Taken as tightly as possible.

waist :Measure where the waist is narrowest.

Hip : Measure the width of your buttocks where you are widest over the hip.

Inseam : Inseam measured from crotch to floor

 Washing Instructions :   For all the dresses hand wash only.  

We recommend hand washing for most of our clothes, or 30 degree machine wash (not dresses and clothes with beads, studs, rhinestones, etc.).
We do not replace clothes that have been dammaged in the wash.